When the GOP’s repeal bill failed in the Senate last month, it was a pretty good day. Together, we sent a clear message that it was time for Republicans to move on from repeal and get to work on real solutions that will help American families.

Apparently, word never reached the Oval Office. Because now that repeal has failed, Trump is threatening to switch to plan B: deliberately undermine Obamacare.

Donald Trump is playing a dangerous game with millions of Americans’ lives and livelihoods. Join American citizens right now and tell Trump to stop trying to sabotage the Affordable Care Act.

Trump has suggested that he might simply refuse to pay the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies that help with out-of-pocket costs. Without them, premiums could skyrocket and insurers could be forced out of the market altogether, leaving countless Americans without access to affordable care.

No matter how much Trump tweets it, Obamacare isn’t imploding — unless Trump goes through with his plan to destroy it. And if he does, the consequences will be dire.

It’s up to us to make sure that never happens. Click HERE to add your name and say you’ll stand with Americans to stop Donald Trump’s plans to sabotage our health care: